A first view of the Continent

Unlike many of the other teams, we didn’t pre-book a ticket on the ferry as we didn’t really know how long it would take us to get to the port (about 5 hours, including lunch), or how many times we would get lost (none, thank you very much!).

First views of Dover, England

So when we pulled up at Dover, we were looking for the ticket sales booth.

Somehow, instead, we ended up in a coach lane, wedged between two buses, and skipping the majority of the queue for border control. Oops!

Queue at Dover ferry, England

As we headed through the UK part of the border, we asked where we could buy tickets and he told us that we could get them at check in. We followed the road signs towards the check in booths (although we all thought it didn’t look much like a check in, and I wanted to ask someone else for directions but the boys wouldn’t let me) and eventually found them.

The lady in the booth was perfectly happy to sell us a ticket on the ferry, and even had a bit of a chat to us about the rally (and our stellar shopping trolley roof rack). We even gave her a card with our website and Facebook page on it, and I happen to know she’s signed up to follow along, so welcome!

The next ferry wasn’t for another hour, but with a few other rally teams floating around and a bureau de change in the terminal we managed to pass the time.

Wade even managed to change some of our pounds for euros at a rate that would have been unheard of pre-Brexit (and continues to be criminal now, but there’s something about border zones that seems to allow companies to take advantage), and then balked at the difference in prices between pounds and euros on board.

Arriving in France, we were straight off the boat and on the road. Aiming to hit Amsterdam that night, and already inexplicably behind where we had hoped to be, we followed the road signs north towards Dunkirk and just kept going.

Signs towards Belgium; in France

Initially we had planned to stop somewhere in Belgium for waffles, chocolate and beer dinner, but we also hadn’t factored in the time zone difference between the UK and France, so we found ourselves another hour behind.

Chocolate, waffles and beer will have to wait until next time.

As the sun set over our views of mainland Europe, Wade and I drove on towards the sleepless wonders of Amsterdam, serenaded by the dulcet tones of Darcy snoring in the back seat.

Sunset over motorway, Europe

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