A Photoessay of Vindication

My Mum is the biggest fan of this blog, and she is unfailingly positive about the stories I write here. But last time I visited Singapore, I wrote a post about the little patches of colour that crop up all over the city, that aren’t part of the steel and glass skyline that many people think of when they think Singapore.

When Mum read it, she said, I don’t think it’s your best post.

And she was right. I had written it, and then gone through my photos to add them to the post, only to discover that I hadn’t taken as many as I had thought and, as such, my claim that the city is colourful didn’t quite hit the mark.

This time I came back forewarned, and with an eye to proving my point from nearly 10 years ago.

So without further ado, here are 17 more photos that hopefully will convince you that underneath the surface of this cold grey financial powerhouse there beats a warm colourful heart.

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