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Jo with the tent and motorcycle gear at Akitio Beach, New Zealand

This is me at Akitio Beach, on the eastern coast of New Zealand’s North Island (or Te Ika a Maui, as it is now officially also called). The photo was taken a few days after I failed my final examination to become a clinical psychologist, and I was meant to be contemplating a further six to twelve months of study before resitting the (torturous – even for those who pass) exam. But instead of feeling miserable, on that day I felt free.

I woke up with nowhere I had to be, and nothing I had to do. No work, no study, not even a house to clean (there’s really only so much cleaning you can do in a tent). Just a stretch of road and the desire to see what was along it.

Of course, that was only a temporary weekend away, and on Monday morning there was work to face and decisions to be made.

* * *

A lot of things have changed since that photo was taken. I withdrew from the clinical programme instead of going back, so I’m still not a registered psychologist and I’m yet to decide that that’s definitely a bad thing.

For a year, I worked jobs paying slightly above minimum wage to save as much as I could towards finding that feeling again. Now, after an additional year working in Australia, there’s no work to go to on Monday morning, and my most pressing decision is where to eat lunch and whether to spend the day in bed or go sightseeing. And hopefully I’ll get a good 18 months of that before I have to return to the real world.

In the photo, you might have noticed there are two helmets and sets of riding gear. Sadly, I now ride alone. (Actually, that’s not technically true – I can’t ride at all – but ‘now I’m pillion for no one’ isn’t quite as poetic and, quite frankly, sounds more than a little depressing). After 12 years together, Aaron and I have decided to go our separate ways. It’s been a hard decision, but I hope that we will manage to always remain close friends.

* * *

So that’s my story. I dreamed of travelling the world, and with a lot of good luck and hard work, now I get to live that dream. It hasn’t always been easy. In fact, there are days when it’s still downright hard and that feeling of freedom can be just as elusive on the road as it was at work. But I’m learning. About myself and about other people. About history and about what the future can be. About how to take one day at a time, and how to let go.

It’s an adventure and a journey, and you’re welcome to come along and share the experience of life over the Edge of the Wild.

Jo xx

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  1. So I was just thinking and stuff and it brought me back to your page. I can’t remember if I have already made the association or not (I kind of enjoy forgetting things and then remembering them with first-glance eyes) but we both have Lord of the Rings-y names. Isn’t that cool? Over the edge of the wild. Good solid quote right there. Mine is a Billy Boyd reference from the cast commentary of Fellowship. Basically he is telling a story about how in real life Merry and Pippin are reversed and he had to tell Dominic Monaghan to leave some golf ball markers alone, “it’s there for a reason, Dom.” Man weird connections. I need sleep.

    • That is really cool – and if you have made the association before you didn’t mention it!
      I love that they are not really really obvious references, but both have that LOTR flavour. The Middle Earth blood is clearly flowing in our Kiwi veins!

  2. Jo! I loaded up a video to YouTube and when it posted to my blog Facebook account the thumbnail image is your blog because the quick link is the last image I added hahahahah! :3

  3. I’m sorry you guys went seperate ways! 🙁 What a sad story. Oh well, one has to do what one has to do. Looking forward to the next posts on here! greetings!

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