Jo in front of the Golan Heights, Jordan

Hi! I’m Jo, author of Over the Edge of the Wild.

Since 2010, I’ve travelled to more than 50 countries, and I created Over the Edge of the Wild as a platform to share the experiences I’ve had on the road. Over time, I’ve found that these tend to centre around culture, food and people, but I do also just write about the funny, exciting or just downright cool things that happen along the way.

A little bit of back story…

In 2012, I left New Zealand and moved to Australia, aiming to work my way around the world with my (now ex-)husband. We made it to Darwin and spent a year exploring the Top End before deciding to separate, and I became a solo backpacker, setting off to explore Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

By the end of another year, I had made my way to London, full of experiences but empty on cash, and I started working in a backpacker’s hostel, and as a walking tour guide, to keep the travelling feeling while saving enough to see a little bit more of Europe on the side.

In mid-2014, life interrupted my sojourn into freedom, and I came home after my brother was diagnosed with a brain tumour, while his wife was pregnant with twins.

Everyone’s fine now, thankfully.

Ever the restless spirit, I convinced two of my friends, Wade and Darcy, that we should take part in the 2016 Mongol Rally, and we spent 18 months planning and fundraising.

Oh, and somewhere in the middle of all that, Wade and I realised that there might be more to our friendship, and we decided to give things a go as a couple.

Jo and Wade in the rain, Hong Kong

During three months on the road together in a very small car, we had more than our share of arguments, but there’s no way to test a new relationship like putting it in a travel pressure cooker, and when we made it to the finish line, we were still in one piece.

Darcy on the car roof, Wade driving and Jo on the bonnet

The car might have had a few bumps and bruises though.

* * *

Like most of the world, the last couple of years have involved a lot of staying home, but 2023 is a new year and it’s time for a new adventure.

We’re going to be spending around 12 months in Southeast Asia, introducing our one-year old to a part of the world that we both really love. Don’t worry though – I’m not going family travel blog. We’ve decided that she won’t have an online presence until she is old enough to ask for it herself, so I’m still going to be writing in just the same way I always have.

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  1. You are so lucky to have traveled to so many countries! One of my biggest goals in life is to travel the world! So far I’ve only been to a small handful of places. Don’t really have a favorite quite yet but I hope to get there one day!


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