Pork chao long and cheese French bread - Pham Chaolong, Puerto Princesa

The origins of chao long in Palawan

Clean, white tables contrast with the bright blue walls of Puerto Princesa’s Pham Chaolong, as we enter in search of lunch. Fans high up on the walls circulate the hot summer air, and condensation drips from the glass soft drink bottles long before they make it to the tables. A simple menu hangs from one … Read more

Shrimp and ham fried rice, Haiphong Road dai pai dong, Hong Kong

Sharing the love

Anyone who knows me, or who has been reading my blog for a while, will know that I adore food. So when we arrived in Hong Kong first thing in the morning, and couldn’t check in to our guesthouse until 2pm, I was pretty excited when the boys suggested breakfast. We dropped our bags off … Read more

Jo's breakfast, Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo

Food, glorious food!

If I remember rightly, the first time I was asked if I liked sushi, my emphatic enthusiasm for the dish was a front. In all previous encounters with Japanese food I had eschewed the slimy raw fish and dried seaweed in favour of the delicately deep fried goodness of tempura battered vegetables, or the relative … Read more


Penang: Street food capital of Malaysia?

Phrases like “hawker’s paradise” and “Asia’s greatest street food city” have been thrown around in describing George Town. Needless to say, I was excited and expecting great things. When I arrived in Penang, it was just around lunch time. I had booked accommodation but both my phone and laptop had flat batteries so I needed … Read more

Papaya sontam from Chiang Mai night food stalls

Eating our way around Chiang Mai

With food featuring so prominently in our short acquaintance, it seemed likely that Sahar and I would become good friends. And what better place to test our culinary compatibility than Chiang Mai? Upon arrival, Sahar and I teamed up with another guy (Jared) who had been on the boat and in our bus from Chiang … Read more

Soup from the motorcycle taxi soup stand

The biggest coincidence in all Vietnam

When I set out on the mission that would make up the substance of this blog post, I had thought it would be called ‘The best soup in all Vietnam’. Later, I revised that to ‘The biggest disappointment in all Vietnam’. But in the end, it wasn’t either of those things that really made the … Read more

Gumbo, pulled pork and sauvignon blanc

Food and wine at the Clare Valley Gourmet Weekend

Let me preface this by saying I drink very little alcohol. As in, most of the time I just tell people I don’t drink, cos it’s easier. Aaron likes his spirits, but when it comes to wine, he wouldn’t know a cab sav from a sav blanc (literally. His mum asked for a sauvignon blanc … Read more