Wood cabin and horses, Khatgal, Mongolia

Channeling my inner herder

When the sun came up in Muren I was still sleeping, but I eventually woke up, checked out, and headed out to find a minibus the rest of the way to Khatgal. It turned out that finding the minivan wasn’t the problem so much as finding the other people who wanted to go out that … Read more

Street outside hostel, Datong, China

Anonymous angels

Usually before I get on a train I make sure my phone and my laptop are fully charged, so that when I get to my destination at least one of them will have some charge left if I need to find some internet to work out how to get to my accommodation. Somehow though, that … Read more

View along the side of the Great Wall of China

For real this time

OK, so earlier on I might have implied that I had been to see the Great Wall of China but then turned out to be tricking. But I really did go see it, eventually. There are three parts of the Great Wall accessible from Beijing. And much like Goldilocks’ porridge, only one was just right. … Read more

Crocodile monastery, Myawaddy, Myanmar

An Unexpected Journey

One of the attractions about volunteering in Mae Sot was its proximity to Myanmar, and status as home to a sizeable refugee population, as well as variety of NGOs working to help them. I figured I could learn about the culture and political situation of the country (we’ve talked about my woeful ignorance of significant … Read more

Jo and Sahar

Meeting ‘That’ girl

After bonding over the pressures of border security, I walked with Joe and Sahar (for that was the other girl’s name) into Chiang Khong and we looked for a guesthouse together. The first place we found that was open and of a decent price only had two rooms available, so Joe took one and Sahar … Read more

Ban Natane village and mountains

Kids & caves

My original plan for Kong Lo was to arrive in the evening (I’m learning to block out an entire day for any sort of inter-city/town/village travel), see the cave first thing in the morning, and then catch a songtheaw to begin the journey to Vientiane around lunch time. But when I made that plan, I … Read more

Bora Rosa and baby

Falling in love

At the moment I’m in China, and their wonderful nationwide firewall prevents me from getting to my blog as easily as I would like. Even with the workaround I found, I can’t seem to upload photos. I was going to wait until I left China to post this, so I could include the photos, but … Read more

Jo standing in front of the blackboard

Trial by fire

The saying ‘trial by fire’ comes from the days when people accused of crimes were subjected to tests (such as holding red hot irons, walking through fire, or being tied to a stone and thrown in the lake – although that would be trial by water) through which their guilt or innocence would be demonstrated. … Read more

Teacher on train to Amphawa

The Infinite Kindness of Strangers

I spent four days in Bangkok, staying in a guesthouse where people mostly kept to themselves, and speaking mainly to tuk tuk and motorcycle taxi drivers who saw me as a walking dollar sign. The food vendors spoke very little English, and most of our communication was via pointing and gestures. My Thai is limited … Read more

Mindil Beach

Coming full circle

When we first arrived in Darwin, the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets had just started, and the beach played an important role in keeping us fed and entertained. Now a little over a year has gone by, we have worked, saved, lived and breathed the Territory, met amazing people, and somehow the time to go snuck … Read more