Chopped veges, Borderline cooking school, Mae Sot, Thailand

Borderline Burmese cooking

As you’ve probably realised by now, I’m trying to take a cooking class in each country I visit. With only an eight-hour window in which to visit Myanmar though, I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to manage it. But then I discovered an organisation in Mae Sot that is run by Burmese people and … Read more

Cafe, Inmate Massage Centre, Chiang Mai Women's Prison

Torture at the Chiang Mai Women’s Prison

With a Masters in (criminal justice) Psychology, a Graduate Diploma in Criminology, and a CV that includes stints in more than one correctional facility, it’s to be expected that I have an interest in issues of crime and justice. In fact, at one point I considered making it one of my travel “things” to contact … Read more

Elephant family with mahouts, Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai

Elephant Antics

If you want to ride an elephant or play with a tiger cub in South East Asia, Chiang Mai is the place to do it. Elephant riding tour operators, in particular, abound, and it’s not a difficult task to find someone willing to take you to cuddle baby tigers either. So it’s not the logistics … Read more

SMILE Project students, Luang Prabang

Big Brother Mouse makes me SMILE

Yes, the cooking class finished in time for me to get back to Big Brother Mouse for another evening of laughs and conversations with the English learning teens and tweens of Luang Prabang. Both Gabriel and Sai were back, along with some of the other guys I met the night before (but whose names, I’m … Read more

English language students, Luang Prabang, Laos

Big Brother Mouse

Now anyone who knows me knows that I love books. Like, LOVE books. As in, don’t-know-what-to-get-me-for-a-present?-Can’t-go-wrong-with-a-book love them. As in, want-my-house-to-have-one-of-those-old-fashioned-libraries-where-the-whole-room-is-full-of-bookshelves-and-you-need-ladders-to-get-to-them-all LOVE them. As in… alright, you get the picture. I don’t need to continue waxing poetic about my love of stories, and literature, and the feel of a new book, and the smell of … Read more

Prosthetics area, COPE

How Laotian people COPE

I’ve written about the Vietnam War, and the impact the US bombing of Cambodia had on the rise of the Khmer Rouge regime. And now I get to talk about US bombs again. While Cambodia is a world leader in numbers of landmine victims, Laos holds the title for world’s most bombed country per capita. … Read more

New school building

Sophal’s brain child

This is Sophal. I didn’t meet him until nearly the end of my week in Chiro Village, but it’s because of him I was there. Although he’s a social worker now, Sophal used to sell books. And he had a friend who also sold books (the books thing isn’t really relevant – I just like … Read more