Tvrdos Monastery, Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina

For some people (including me), one of the primary goals of travel is to understand more about the beliefs, experiences, and stories of the other people with whom I share this planet. Some of these stories are individual (see the People category for those); some are shared by groups of ‘others’. This distinction between ‘us’ and ‘them’ is getting far too much traction these days, so the stories you’ll find here attempt to explore our differences from a perspective of curiosity and love.

Cultural diversity

We all exist within a set of beliefs, attitudes, social constructs and shared experiences that makes up our own culture. These posts are about not just the intentional experiences we have sought to broaden our understanding of the world, but the implicit everyday normal of a new place that can challenge (or excite) us, sometimes in equal measure.

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This category is a collection of stories that relate to historical events. Some of these events are known on a global scale, and others are more specific to a particular region. To be fair, most of them are fairly sobering.

To freshen up your knowledge of world history, see the archive here.


Whether you’re devoutly religious, Richard Dawkins, or somewhere in between, everyone has a view on theological questions like Creation, morality, and the existence of an afterlife. These posts talk about experiences with different religions, including visiting holy places and spiritual events.