Sushi dinner, Tokyo, Japan

From my earliest days of travelling solo, sniffing out the best places to eat has been one of my favourite travel pastimes. This category of posts contains stories of my experiences with cooking classes around the world, and general declarations of love for food.

Cooking Classes

As I’ve travelled, I’ve tried to take a cooking class in each country I visit. It’s a good way to learn about the food from local people who cook it all the time, as well as to learn how to make some of the best dishes myself. The classes I’ve taken have been at cooking schools, in restaurant kitchens, or even in people’s homes, and have been great for connecting me a little more with the local cuisine and culture.

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Food Narratives

Sometimes, the best travel experiences come from sitting down for a meal. Perhaps it’s a new travel/dining companion. Maybe it’s the food itself. Whatever the reason, I often find myself waxing lyrical about meals, snacks, and food in general. These are some of the resulting posts.

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