London family outside the hostel

Ask any traveller their favourite things about travelling, and they’re bound to say one of the highlights has been the people they’ve met. Many will also tell you about the changes to themselves as a result of overcoming hardship and having space to reflect on their lives. The posts in this section are a tribute to both of those aspects of travel, as well as to the people who are trying to make a difference in their own little piece of the world.


These posts will give you the chance to meet some of the funny, bold, inspiring, and delightful people I’ve met during my travels. There are obviously loads of other great people as well, but these ones particularly inspired me to write about them.

Get to know more about the interesting people I’ve met along the way, here.

Social Enterprises

All around the world, there are people and organisations doing their best to make a positive difference in the world. Whether it’s poverty, justice, education, animal welfare, the environment, or something else entirely, these posts highlight some of this incredible work.

Find out more about the social enterprises, projects, NGOs and other positive impact organisations I’ve encountered here.


Sometimes blogs are places to tell funny stories about the times when things go wrong, or to share knowledge that helps others to travel better, and sometimes they are a place to reflect on our own experiences of the world and our lives. Those pieces are often a bit more serious and emotionally driven, but they’re also often the pieces that mean the most (to me, at least).

You can find all of my personal stories and reflections here.