“Somewhere in Australia, sometime in February”

Having decided, early in 2011, to make travel a top priority, there were still the small issues of where and when to go. We had already scheduled my 10th Brass Monkey motorcycle rally (June), all of the Rugby World Cup pool matches in Wellington (September), and my brother’s wedding (February 2012). Subsequently, there was also involvement with four musical theatre shows between August and November to fit in.

We discussed selling the RWC tickets, going as far as Australia (justification: cheapest place to get to from New Zealand and steppingstone to the rest of the world) and then coming back for the wedding, or leaving and not coming back for the wedding (not really – I do only have one brother after all!), but none of these was exactly ideal. So we settled on “somewhere in Australia, sometime in February” as our still-unsatisfactory response to the perennial questions, “Where are you going?” and “When do you leave?”

Until today. Idly surfing the internet at work, I was pondering the relative expense of flying Invercargill-Christchurch-somewhere-in-Australia vs Invercargill-Auckland-somewhere-in-Australia when I discovered a limited time sale on flights from Christchurch to Brisbane or Melbourne that would take $70 off the price of each of our tickets. A few hurried texts to Aaron, a few hours’ wait to get home and use his bank account to pay (!), and our tickets were booked!

“Invercargill-Christchurch-Brisbane, February 15th, 2012”.

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