T-minus three months

Today marks three months until we leave on our trip, so I thought it would be a good chance to reflect on our preparation progress to date.

Before we leave for Australia we need to relocate our worldly possessions to Invercargill, where they will take up residence for the foreseeable future. Steps along the way:

Get a car with a tow bar…

Our car - Subaru Legacy


Get a trailer…



Sort and sell or pack said worldly possessions…

Hmm… getting there?

We also still need to pick a date to leave, book a ferry crossing, book our cat, Basil, a plane ticket (more expensive than flying a human FYI), advise landlord, power, phone, internet and insurance companies that we will no longer require their services, etc., etc., etc., and, of course, have a leaving party! Hmm… getting there?

For the trip itself, we have already bought packs and tickets, but I still need to renew my NZ passport, and we need travel insurance, vaccinations (maybe – it’s still a work in progress), and working holiday visas.

We also need to work out what to take (or, more likely what not to take) as it seems there is an entire industry devoted to filling our backpacks with junk we “might” need. Although some of it is clearly not for us (who really does need a plastic egg holder?), other items could conceivably come in handy. Aaron is a bit of a technophile and has his eye on a solar-powered USB charger, for example.

And then there are the clothes… if you don’t know where you are going, or how long you will be there, how do you know what to wear? Will we go on enough walks to merit tramping shoes, or will I spend most of my time in jandals? Clothes to work in an office or an orchard? How to get the balance of winter to summer clothes right? Buy quality now or replace the current rags as they fall to pieces on the road?

OK, time to end this post before I collapse into a full-blown panic about packing. Three months is plenty of time to work it all out! We’ll keep you posted!

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