Time for a Reboot

Travel blogs are funny sorts of things. Once you come home and settle into life again they have a tendency to disappear into the recesses of the internet as there really isn’t much to keep them going.

There’s not much interesting about getting takeaways from your local chip shop after a long week at work.

And with COVID, and a few bills that made it harder to save for big, epic adventures, I’ve found myself without much to say for the past few years. (About new travel stories anyway – I always have plenty to say on a range of other topics!)

When someone recently asked me if I would be documenting our year in Southeast Asia, however, it occurred to me that it might be time to dust off the keyboard and bring this site back to life.

So here we are.

Two backpacks, one suitcase, three small packs next to a door

Our house is rented, furniture sold, backpacks loaded and we’re on the road again. First stop Singapore (well, technically Darwin, but we go there often enough that it feels like an extension of being at home) for a few days, then on to Bangkok.

We have an Airbnb rented for a couple of months, in what we’ve been lead to believe is a fairly local part of the city. There will be plenty of street food, the opportunity to learn some Thai (hopefully), and plenty of time to wander around and get ourselves lost immersed.

Just before Songkran (mid-April), we’ll be heading north to Chiang Mai to experience the huge water festivities that happen there, and to spend some more time in a city that we have both really loved in the past.

There will be more street food.

We’ve got some different ideas about how to proceed from there, but at this stage we’re just going to play it by ear.

Planning everything in advance sort of defeats the purpose of long-term travel, so you’ll have to stick around if you want to find out more. Sign up below to receive an email every time a new story is posted.

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