A Photoessay of Vindication

My Mum is the biggest fan of this blog, and she is unfailingly positive about the stories I write here. But last time I visited Singapore, I wrote a post about the little patches of colour that crop up all over the city, that aren’t part of the steel and glass skyline that many people … Read more

Time for a Reboot

Travel blogs are funny sorts of things. Once you come home and settle into life again they have a tendency to disappear into the recesses of the internet as there really isn’t much to keep them going. There’s not much interesting about getting takeaways from your local chip shop after a long week at work. … Read more

Pork chao long and cheese French bread - Pham Chaolong, Puerto Princesa

The origins of chao long in Palawan

Clean, white tables contrast with the bright blue walls of Puerto Princesa’s Pham Chaolong, as we enter in search of lunch. Fans high up on the walls circulate the hot summer air, and condensation drips from the glass soft drink bottles long before they make it to the tables. A simple menu hangs from one … Read more

Manila slum on the banks of the Pasig River, Manila

What happened to Manila, Pearl of the Orient?

It’s late afternoon in Manila’s Plaza de Roma. The green lawns, protected from stray dogs and litter by multiple watchful caretakers, welcome visitors to the city. Wedding guests spill out of the imposing Manila Cathedral at the square’s south-eastern end. Hawkers offer mechanical plastic toys for sale – “I stayed up all night, making them … Read more

Canal next to the Amsterdam Red Light District

Prostitution and sweet Mary Jane

First off, if you’re looking for a sordid exposé of all the dodgy things we got up to in Amsterdam, you better keep looking, cos you won’t find it here. By the time we got to Amsterdam and tracked down our hotel it was 1:30am and we were all ready for some shut eye. Knowing … Read more

Beach at Calais, France

A first view of the Continent

Unlike many of the other teams, we didn’t pre-book a ticket on the ferry as we didn’t really know how long it would take us to get to the port (about 5 hours, including lunch), or how many times we would get lost (none, thank you very much!). So when we pulled up at Dover, … Read more

Buckingham Palace, London

Making the most of a short time in London

As I’ve said, both Wade and I have previously spent time in London. I was there for about 4 months at the end of my solo backpacking trip, living and working in a backpacker’s hostel in Shoreditch and also working as a walking tour guide in Westminster and the City of London. Wade worked in … Read more

Drivers side with stickers, Goodwood Motor Circuit

Procuring a Polo

By the time we arrived at Heathrow, two of our precious rally preparation days had been taken up in transit, and (most) thoughts of tourist-ing it up in a city that Wade and I have both had the opportunity to fall in love with previously, vanished like Wade’s luggage. Instead, we would be spending the … Read more

Airplane stairs not working - Etihad, Abu Dhabi

The saga continues

Call me naïve, but there was a part of me that thought that when we got on the plane that would be the end of the dramas; that our layovers would be smooth and straightforward; and, that having had all that extra time to sort everything out, Etihad would make sure that there was nothing … Read more

Boarding gate, Hong Kong airport

Sometimes you win…

Sometimes you lose. And sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference when you’re in it. We were scheduled to leave Hong Kong at 6:55pm on Sunday evening, arriving in London at 7:35am Monday morning, with a couple of hours in Abu Dhabi in the middle of the night. To make sure we got there in … Read more