Supercar in Hong Kong

In which the vehicle conversations start

And I discover I have no idea what I’m talking about… Ideally, this post would just be a photo album of all the cars we saw in Hong Kong and Macau, but as the majority of the photos I managed to capture looked like this, it’s a bit difficult to demonstrate just how many supercars … Read more

Jo and Wade - selfie in the rain, Kowloon

A redemption story

A while ago, I wrote about being in Qingdao, wallowing in the challenges of the final separation from Aaron when I was forced to go out in a rainstorm without an umbrella to get dinner. At the time, it seemed like the weather was matching my mood, but as people watched this crazy girl wandering … Read more

Hong Kong skyline from Star Ferry

Checking out the sights of Hong Kong

Our day in Macau left us all wishing we had opted to spend more time there instead of Hong Kong, but we nonetheless managed to find a few things to do to keep us entertained for the other three days of our stay. When we first arrived in Hong Kong, after having breakfast, we wandered … Read more

Wade Jo Darcy Karl - Hard Rock Cafe, Macau

Old friends in new places

After Wade’s bungee jump, Karl decided to take the afternoon off work to join us in looking around Macau. Although Wade had wanted to focus his attentions on the casinos, he agreed to take a quick look around some of the more historically significant parts of Macau, and Karl drove us all over to a … Read more

Go Pro shot of Wade pre-bungee jump, Macau Tower

In for a fall

When we first booked our flights through Hong Kong, Wade announced that he wanted to make a day trip to Macau. Aside from being home to some of the world’s biggest casinos (which is a pretty big drawcard anyway), one of his best friends from school has been living there for the past 10 years … Read more

Shrimp and ham fried rice, Haiphong Road dai pai dong, Hong Kong

Sharing the love

Anyone who knows me, or who has been reading my blog for a while, will know that I adore food. So when we arrived in Hong Kong first thing in the morning, and couldn’t check in to our guesthouse until 2pm, I was pretty excited when the boys suggested breakfast. We dropped our bags off … Read more

Wade Jo Darcy at Stirling Point, NZ

Held up at the second hurdle

We were scheduled to leave Invercargill at 6:15pm. With a final check in of one hour before departure, we told Darcy we needed to be there at 5pm – you know, just in case. He wanted us to start with a team photo as Stirling Point, to say we had started our journey right from … Read more

Final Mongol Rally route

Route update…

When we first started talking about doing the Mongol Rally, about 18 months ago, we came up with a route map that looked like this… After a year and a half of fierce negotiations though, we have a map that looks something like this… Yes, you’re right, it’s not very different (except for the scale … Read more

2000 VW Polo, Mongol Rally machine

Successes of the week (or two)

It’s been a big (couple of) week(s) for the No. 8 Wire Mongol Rally team. After a bit of a false start a few weeks ago, where we thought we had a car but then the dealer decided to sell it to someone else, we’ve finally acquired the reliable steed questionable piece of junk in which … Read more

Kazakh visas

Kazakh visas from Singapore

It’s been a couple of months since we’ve updated the blog on our Mongol Rally plans (and there are some stories to be told from that time), but something exciting happened today that we just needed to share… We got our passports back from the Kazakh Embassy in Singapore. In total, we need seven visas … Read more