Fergana Range, Kyrgyzstan

Something of a catch-all for the experiences I’ve had that aren’t specifically related to culture, food or people, this category contains some great stories of experiences I’m grateful to have had (and some that I possibly could have done without).

Unique Experiences

If we’re being completely honest here, setting off on a backpacking adventure that lasted nearly two years is a pretty epic experience. So is buying a ridiculously small car and driving it a ridiculously long way.

The posts I’ve included in this category, though, are the ones that really stood out as awesome things to have done. Sometimes touristy, sometimes serendipitous, but always highlights of the trip.

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I’ve called this category ‘photoessays’ but, in reality, they’re more like photo albums. Places where the camera did a much better job of capturing the essence of the place than I could do in words (and where I probably got a little shutter-happy, if truth be told).

There are loads more photos where these came from (well, actually, from other places, but you get the point). Find them all here.

Mishaps and Misunderstandings

Travel blogs have a tendency to share the Insta-worthy images and the most jealousy-inducing stories, but let’s be real. That carefully curated existence is not an everyday occurrence, and it’s certainly not what Over the Edge of the Wild has ever been about. This category is more likely to induce cringing and panic attacks, not envy.

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